We all have one small package of hand gel in our purses or backpacks – you never know when you’re going to need proper sanitization.

However, since most hand gels contain like 99.9% alcohol, this dries out and damages the skin quite a lot. The usual case is if you’re working in a healthcare organization, especially when buying hand sanitizers by the bulk.

So, getting a good old sanitizer with lavender oils from a wholesaler might actually solve your problem now and again.

How Lavender Oils Make Everything Better For Your Hands?

As we already mentioned, hand gel with a high concentration of alcohol can dry out your skin. However, essential lavender oils can make the process less harmful and introduce great benefits for your skin, like less stinging or itching of the skin and moisturizing it in an all-natural way.

Apart from the physical improvements, lavender oils can relax your mind and soul with their soothing aroma.

This is why buying hand gels in bulk can really ease your mind for months to come, since you’ll always have high-quality sanitization both for your family, friends, and workplace.

You can never go wrong with stocking up with something as frequently used as… toothpaste or toilet paper, for example.

Where Can You Find a Good Sanitiser with Lavender Oils?

This is the true question of our article, and you probably know what we’re going to say: yes, you can find great wholesale sanitizers and hand gels with lavender oils and essence at our online shop.

hand gel 99.9%

Hand gel 99.9%

This one offers great cleaning and hygiene without making your skin suffer, plus it provides a natural lavender scent to it.

You can find out more here.

However, if you don’t fancy the lavender smell, then we have another option for a hand gel that’s going to make your hands 100% clean and bacteria-free.


Hand sanitiser gel

Aloe Vera hand sanitiser gel


This hand gel with aloe vera for softer and calmer skin provides your hands with protection against bacteria you can get on public transport or even at your workplace. Health safety should be a top priority for everyone.

And since most local stores tend to run out of sanitizers pretty quickly, we suggest buying this product in bulk to avoid the queues and fill up your home.

If you’re interested, then go and visit the link here for more information.


With that said, we hope you gave you a bit of insight as to why sanitizers are essential for you and your family to stay healthy and safe.

Check out our website for releases of new products with exciting ingredients.

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