Most of you have probably come across such a title on the net.

And logically follows the question: “Why should I give you a sum of money for essential oils when I can make them at home for almost no money!?!”.

In fact, what is prepared at home is an oil extract or tincture.

The process is called maceration. (For the more curious, this is the extraction of non-volatile solvents (animal and vegetable fats) of useful substances from herbs).

The ointment with herbs fried in lard, which is a panacea for all kinds of skin diseases, burns, wounds.

However, the current trend is to avoid frying due to the destruction of a number of useful components and the formation of harmful ones.

There are various recipes for oil extract, but generally you need vegetable oil and herbs, preferably fresh.

It is recommended that the vegetable oil be cold pressed, for example from sunflower seeds, olive, almond, grape seeds or other.

The washed and well-dried herb is placed in a glass container – jar or bottle, filled with oil and left in a sunny place for between 10 and 40 days (according to different versions of the recipe).

Strain and store the essential oil in a dark and cool place.

The shelf life is about one year and depends on the oil that is used.

The difference between the oil extract and the pure essential oil obtained by steam distillation, apart from the price, is the much longer shelf life of the essential oils and their much higher concentration.

When stored properly, the essential oil retains its properties for more than 5 years.

Due to their high concentration, essential oils should not be used clean on the skin (with a few exceptions) and diluted in base (greasy) oils. In this way an analogue of the oil extract is obtained. This is a suitable alternative for people who want to use the power of herbs, but do not have the opportunity (or desire) to prepare an extract.

Just drop a few drops of pure essential oil in a selected base and it is ready to use!

We are currently experimenting with yarrow oil in coconut oil. The result is a light blue ointment that combines the properties of both and smells delicious.


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