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100% Pure Natural Essential Oils 

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BEO PRO GROUP LTD trading as Bulk Essential Oils wholesaler. The company operates in the UK essential oils wholesale market that strive to offer carefully selected, small quantities of high quality Bulgarian oils at competitive prices. To ensure this, we research and select the manufacturers of our products in great detail. We carefully monitor and analyse the entire oil production cycle we offer. 

We require oil producers to provide documentary evidence of every step of the production process – from the selection of certified high-quality seedlings, the location of the plants, the plant protection products used, to the production of the final product from a certified distillery that meets the highest modern requirements. Some of the production stages are monitored personally (the video uploaded to our website was shot by us personally in the stage of distillation of lavender oil in a Bulgarian certified distillery). 

Essential Oils Wholesale – Why They Matter?

The Beginning of the Essential Oils Wholesale Production

Our essential oils wholesale services have been around for a while now.

However, essential oils have been in the world ever since the Egyptians found them useful. Ancient Egypt is known for being the first place that started using oils for healing, religious purposes, or pure cosmetics.

They cultivated special plants for that and also used them when embalming the dead.

Before you get a hold of our essential oils wholesale, there is a process of extracting the oils by pressing or steaming parts of a plant like the leaves, flowers, fruit, etc.

This procedure captures compounds that hold the fragrance.

However, it’s not that easy!

A single bottle of essential oil takes many pounds of one plant to be produced.

How purchasing from essential oils wholesaler can benefit your well-being?

Well, as we get older and life gets faster, we start developing several stress-related health issues like: ,

  • • depression;
  • • anxiety;
  • • nausea;
  • • insomnia;
  • • low appetite;
  • • dry mouth;
  • • panic attacks, and many other conditions.

Aromatherapy lets the scent molecules have a significant impact on the emotional side of the brain. Also, essential oils work wonders on the skin as they relax the muscles.

If we have to suggest one product from our essential oils wholesale website, it’s definitely Bulgarian lavender oil from the selection.

There are many use cases for this one, but the main use case is calming the mind and providing good sleep.

Of course, it’s used for far more things like:

  • • cosmetics;
  • • treating burns;
  • • creating perfumery, and others.

So, next time you feel like your sleep is slowly getting harder to manage or you just feel general anxiety, try a bit of lavender oil on your pillow or spritz it in the air. It works like a charm!

Bulgarian Lavender Oil Production Process


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