Bulgarian Yarrow Blue Oil

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Yarrow essential oil (Achillea millefoliuno) is obtained from the fresh or dried flowering stems of the plant Achillea Millefolium. The oil has an electric blue color and watery viscosity. The aroma is fresh, sweet, herbaceous, with a slight camphor touch. It is used mainly in perfumery and cosmetics, as well as in medicinal preparations with hemostatic and anti-inflammatory action.

Its Latin name is derived from Greek mythology – the hero Achilles – Achillea, who healed wounds with him. Essential oil has strong anti-inflammatory and blood-clotting properties, also soothes painful menstruation and has a healing effect on prostatitis.

The oil enhances the photosensitivity of the skin, which is why sun exposure should be avoided after use. White yarrow essential oil contains azulene, which is due to its blue color and anti-inflammatory properties. Its main application is for open wounds and ulcers.


Major Constituents of Blue Yarrow Essential Oil

  • Sabinene   – 15.189 %
  • Chamazulene   – 9.679 %
  • B-Myrcene –  0.638 %
  • Germacrene D – 13.783 %
  • B-Pinene – 11.765 %
  • Camphor  – 0.451 %
  • Camphene  – 0.256 %
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  • Bath: Add 5-10 drops of organic yarrow oil to your tub. The action is anti-inflammatory and tosizing. Sitting baths are recommended for hemorrhoids, painful menstruation and any type of gynecological disease in women. Partial tubs of the limbs are applied to neuralgia. Baths also have a positive effect on dry and flaky skin. Baths should not be done more than twice a week and the stay should not be more than 20 minutes.
  • Gargling: Add a few drops of yarrow oil to a glass of water and make gargle for no more than one minute. It is used for inflammation, bleeding gums and aphthae in the oral cavity.

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