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Bulgarian Lavender Oil

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We are wholesale lavender essential oil supplier in the UK directly from Bulgaria.

Our Bulgarian Lavender oil is specially selected for luxury brands and product manufactures: SPA/ Aromatherapy Centers, Face Creams, Face Oils, Face Serum, Skin Creams, Day Creams, Night Creams, Body Creams, Soaps,Bath Oils, Bath Bombs, Repair Masks, Hydrating Mist, Recovery Concentrates, Cloth Cleanser, Foaming Cleansers, Cleansing Milks, Oil Blends, Hydrolat Toners, Hand and Body Lotions, Body Wash’s, Hand Wash’s, Shampoos, Conditioners, Face Scrubs, Age-Restore Face Creams, Age-Restore Face Toner, Age-Restore Face Serums, Body Oils, Body Scrubs, Bath Salts, Eye Serums, Fragrant Candles, Room Sprays, Reed Diffusers, Aroma Rollers, Sleep Bath Salts, Sleep Drops, Sleep Mist, Perfumes, After Shaves, Air Freshers, Car Freshers, Hand Sanitizers, Antibacterial Hand Gels.


The Lavender essential oil contains: linalyl acetate, linalol, geraniol, borneol, cineole, pinene, camphor, coumarin and more. The most valuable is linalyl acetate, depending on the growing conditions, this ester varies from 30 to 60%. Bulgarian lavender oil is characterized by a lasting fine aroma, although the content of linalyl acetate is low. The Bulgarian lavender is one of the highest quality producers in the world . Bulgaria is the world leader in extraction, growing 40,000 decares and exporting 90% of lavender oil to France, Germany, Australia and America.It is considered that the high quality Lavender Essential Oil would have a high percentage of Linalool and Linalyl acetate and a very low percentage of Camphor present in the essential oil.

Well preserved, it has a strong, intense aroma that is slightly different from the colour aroma. Diluted with alcohol it produces a fine aroma. Quality characteristics of the Bulgarian lavender oil (according to Bulgarian ISA).

Lavender is a plant with a centuries-old history and one of the most recognizable aromas among oilseed crops. Cleopatra is believed to have used lavender perfume and the plant was also a must in the mummification process. Centuries later, lavender became the favorite scent of European monarchs. Maria Antoinette, Queen Victoria and King Charles VI used lavender in various ways – to stuff pillows, polish furniture, or counteract external scent by arranging lavender bouquets throughout the castle. The Frenchman Rene-Maurice Gattfosse, also known as the “Father of Aromatherapy,” discovers the healing properties of lavender. After a serious accident in his laboratory in 1910, he decided to put lavender oil on his burns. World War I, all soldiers except standard equipment, brought with them lavender oil as a first aid. Today, no one is questioning the healing and aromatherapy properties of lavender, and the aroma of the yellow oil extracted from the purple plant is reaching us in various forms. The history of lavender in Bulgaria dates back to the beginning of the last century, when culture was introduced into the country. In the beginning it was grown in Kazanlak and in the 1960s the first Bulgarian varieties were cultivated in Bulgaria. A little later the varieties Hemus, Sevtopolis, Druzhba and Jubilein were developed, which are among the most common in our country today. In those years, the leader in lavender production was Podbalkana.In 2008, the growth of lavender production jumped several times. This is due to various factors, one of which is lavender disease in France, which has left the country behind. In addition, the spread of lavender to other regions in Bulgaria is also more favorable, with Dobrudzha being successful.Since 2012, Bulgaria has been the first in the world to produce and export lavender oil. For the last year alone, for example, our country has produced nearly 200 tonnes of lavender oil.Despite the comprehensive data that can be found in the form of numbers and statistics, few are aware of the lavender path from the field to the essential oil bottle. And it is just as interesting as the aroma of the purple bush used in medicine, cosmetics and perfumery. The leader in this sector in Bulgaria, as well as all over Europe, is Dobrudzha, where in recent years there has been a sharp jump in both the cultivation of lavender and the essential oil business.
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